Qr Generation

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Dynamic QR Codes

The "Dynamic QR Codes" service, or dynamic QR codes, is a technology used to create barcodes capable of changing the content they are linked to. Unlike static barcodes that contain fixed information such as a URL or phone number, the content of dynamic QR codes can be updated online without the need for reprinting.

With the dynamic QR code service, users can create barcodes that point to various types of content, such as web pages, contact information, social media links, payment information, and more. Once the barcode is created, the associated content can be easily updated without changing the barcode itself.

This technology has diverse uses, allowing individuals and businesses to direct customers to dynamic content such as current promotions, updated contact information, product details, and services.

Examples of dynamic QR code uses include promoting products and services, facilitating payment transactions, providing continuously updated contact information, and much more.

QR Codes on flyers: The traditional marketing solution

QR Code is accessible

People now keep track of their favorite brands and products through their mobile devices, which is what makes QR Codes especially attractive for marketing. Targeted to mobile users, QR Codes are cost-effective, universally applicable, and help you reach your target audience in the offline world and connect them directly to your digital platforms.

Amplify your brand identity

More design options means more flexibility when it comes to customizing your Code, enabling you to add value and brand consistency to your mobile campaign. Whether the goal is to create a branded Code that integrates into your company logo or one that follows a specific theme, there are many possibilities at your fingertips. You can upload your own image, logo and select colors for the background, foreground, and layout of the mobile-friendly landing page. Additionally, you can add a custom frame with your own CTA, and adjust the shape and color of the Code’s edges.

What can QR Codes do for you?

Brand transparency

The CEO of Campbell’s Soup, Denise Morrison, stated that the most important ingredient in building brand trust is transparency. Consumers want to know more about the products they incorporate into their daily lives, and QR Codes give you a unique opportunity to offer buyers comprehensive information about your products and services without making them search amidst the noise of the internet.

Using our PDF QR Code can help inspire people to do business with you by giving them access to your company’s past success in an easy to download, mobile document. You can also offer additional user guidelines on the packaging or provide buyers with satisfied customer reviews in order to establish brand loyalty.

Product hyperlinking

Since the Internet hardly extends beyond digital platforms by itself, product hyperlinking aims to extend it to the physical world by attaching tags with URLs to tangible objects or locations.

QR Codes do just that by linking in-store products to Internet resources, enhancing the value of the shopping experience for buyers. This is a simple, easy way to enhance shopper’s experience and how customers interact with your product and services.

A Video QR Code can take scanners on a visual experience of your responsible sourcing. It can really get across a brand’s message or product information the consumer needs to know. Or, if you are a musician or artist, create hype by adding a video to stickers you hand out so people can see a preview of your past shows or expo.