Linky Solution

All-in-one Business Card for managing your Data

Share Links & Data

Share all your data digitally through one link on all social media platforms

Sell Products

Display all your products and services at their prices to your customers in a more professional manner

Smart Card Connection

Get confidence when sharing your data using NFC data transfer technology through our smart cards

Data analysis reports

Learn about a detailed analysis of the data of your fans on all social media platforms or everyone who scanned your card


Customize All Social Links

Learn about a wide range of tools that will give you complete control over the presentation of yourself and the details of your social media

For Personal & Famous

Privacy is our priority

Understand who you are? Helps us configure the settings that are ideal for you, to help you maintain your privacy or to spread and reach more fans

  • We provide a tool to encrypt your content, to prevent intruders from accessing your data or your social media addresses
  • We prevent search engine spiders from accessing your account or data

Smart Business Card

data communication technology

Different ways for
a faster connection

Your personal card provides you with different ways to communicate

Next Qr Generation

Full customize Your Qr code

We help you design a unique QR.
Add your own text or logo to the QR and specify the color, size and other details

Complete customization of your data

Present yourself in a unique way that suits you

Display all your data in a way that expresses you and the content you provide, through an integrated set of Linky tools.

personal cards analisis

Stats And Reports
All The Time

We provide a dashboard to track and know all possible statistics about your fans and visitors, who used to connect to your personal card

Advanced tools

Advanced Account

Present your business professionally using unique presentation tools.
We help you include external content from the most popular social media platforms.
/YouTube > SoundCloud > Instagram > paintrest > twitter > Spotify > tidal > Html Code > …. and more

personal Accounts

Premuim Account

We provide you with more than one model to display your work in a professional manner.
Show your social media addresses in a simple way, as well as the ability to instantly share your QR code from the same page.
Help your fans to save your contact with the click of a button

How can I start ?

Step 1

Purchase Your Card

 After placing your order, you will receive instructions on how to provide us with your logo or design for on the card.

Step 2

Create Your Profile

 Here you can add, edit & enable what you would like to share with your contactless card.

Step 3

Tap, Share & Go

 It's that simple! Share who you are and what you do with with one quick tap.

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