Personal Branding starts here

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Customize your title to appear uniquely among your fans or those Interested in your content , your name will appear after the official title of our platform
You can share your address by traditional copy and paste methods


Design a profile that expresses you using our professional tools


Let our team help you get professional ideas and implement them for you

Easy Editing

Amend your data at any time without the need to return to us, 24/7

Save Data

Do not worry about losing anything. Keep your data organized and permanently saved on our servers.

Add Customize All Social Links

Learn about a wide range of tools that will give you complete control over the presentation of yourself and the details of your social media

Full customize Your Qr code

We help you design a unique QR.
Add your own text or logo to the QR and specify the color, size and other details

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Advanced DashboardTracking & Analysis

We provide a dashboard to track and know all possible statistics about your fans and visitors, who used to connect to your personal card


fans reach

Track every movement of your customers


fans devices

Learn about all the types of devices they own


fans locations

Know your customers' locations and how to target them


fans language

Knowing your customers' language will make it easier to send an appropriate message to them

Business Account Options

Business tools and content providers give you complete control to embed anything from outside the Linky platform and customize it as appropriate for you or your business

NFC & QR Code

Pits Tag &
Modern Design

We provide you with a useful technology group for all your pets

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