What is Visitors Marketing

We provide you with monitoring and tracking tools for all visitors to your page and take advantage of the Facebook pixel services, to update your customer list, all with one click

Data analysis

Know the number of your visitors, moment by moment, and measure performance


Design more than one page for each branch or employee of your own / with the possibility of linking all of this to the name of your company's  brand

SEO Optimization

A dedicated tool to connect your business group with search engines, and customize your keywords

Customer Support

We support you in designing and linking your business activities to our platform

Verifying Account

Verifying your account helps you increase the confidence of your followers.

Available for companies and content makers on social media platforms

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NFC & Qr Connection

Products QR Code Connection!

Link your products to pages that explain the nature of each product, in addition to displaying all your means of communication, create many ideas to better display your business, products and services to your customers

qr Products

Next Ticket Revolution !

Create custom pages for each of your QR, record all the data you want, and appear professionally in front of your customers


Data Analysis Dashboard

Track & Analysis All Customers Actions .

Track all the movements of your customers and fans. By simply scanning your QR or clicking on the Linky smart card, you can know all their information, such as: - phone language, type, demographic data, and also where your most important customers come from, the most important platforms that attract customers, and other important data.

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Next QR BOT Generation !

Decide exactly what you want to display to your customers, make your customers' access to the chat screen and customer support unique,

Set up the necessary automatic responses to better display your products and services

short link

short ​links Sharing !

Create your own shortened links and edit how you want them to appear, track the performance of each link and analyze your customers' traffic